Meeting women can be hard, especially if you’re a long time single.

When you meet one that you like – and crucially, seems to like you back – then it is certainly worth keeping a hold of their details.

After all, how do you manage to get a date without a phone number, a Facebook, an address, a place to send the carrier pigeon…at least something more than just a name. You don’t want to be the guy with just a name.

Well, Carlos Zetina was such a bloke, who met a nice girl, got her name and then precisely nothing else. Well, he got even worse – a number that turned out to be false.

Our Carlos wasn’t deterred, however: in fact, he used the little information that he had to make a big play for the girl. 


Instead, he sent out an email to all 247 girls called Nicole – just about the only piece of information that he had – at the University of Calgary, where he studies.

Zetina said that he wrote the email because he didn’t want to be seen as “a bad guy who didn’t text back”.

“We met at the campus bar and we talked and had struck a pretty interesting conversation.

“She gave me her number, but I guess she accidentally gave me the wrong one because when I texted her the next day, a different person messaged me back that it wasn’t her.”

He wasn’t just asking every Nicole. Carlos did have some particulars: she was Dutch and thought that philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was “depressing”.

“If you don’t fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me that’s ok as well,” wrote Zetina.

His message drew a mixed response from the collected Nicoles of the University of Calgary.

“Who sends an email to that many people? If it was me, I’d be a little horrified about how this all played out,” said Nicole DuGraye. “But I thought this was a great way to connect and meet new people and to try to find the real Nicole.”

“I felt like this was Cinderella or something … but I was just an ugly step-sister,” said Nicole Larsen, who added that she was “happy to be a part of a love story.”

Now, the Nicoles have a Facebook group – “Nicole from Last Night” – and are banding together to make friends and attempt to find the actual Nicole in question.


It turns out that the original Nicole wasn’t part of the 247 culled from a uni directory, but saw the story and has now been in touch.

“We’re planning to hang out maybe next week,” said Carlos. “I really didn’t expect this to become a big thing.”