The sun is still coming up every morning and setting at night, but other than that, the world is utter chaos (and to be honest, we are messing up the planet so badly that the sun might give up on us altogether soon). The news is a steaming pile, people are yelling at each other everywhere you turn, and Netflix keeps releasing new Great British Bake-Off specials without telling anyone– it’s madness!

Luckily, pictures like the ones in this gallery exist to calm us down, even if for a moment. These are photographs of utterly perfect moments. They are pictures of times when the world seemed to say, “You know what? I will give you this one. Just a tad of order to temporarily delight your senses.” These photos are of objects fitting perfectly into each other, accidentally arranging themselves in gorgeous patterns, and generally reinforcing the idea that there is some hope for order in this world. Not all is lost.

These 2 friends were just made for hugging

When things stack up perfectly for a prank

This hotel is getting all my custom

When your car has a snickers holder

I’m gonna say it. It fits like a glove

Clever storage solutions

I opened my pill pot and this is how they were balanced

Perfect storage for later

When prescription lenses fit THIS perfectly

Kinda creepy. But I love it

Very smart.

When the glove was made just for you

This mustve felt good to leave this package here

“In all my time as a window cleaner this has NEVER happened, until today. Life goal complete”

When you think 3 won’t fit, then they tessellate like this

Kinda satisfying, kinda frustrating. Chopping board lives in the sink now.

this felt good

Kind worried about the ramp at the end

This made me smile. Hungry. THis made me hungry.

When breakfast is this good, you will have a good day.